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COVID-19 is an humanitarian and health crisis that (globally) no one was prepared for. As a result, the impact that ACJB  has suffered as a newly formed  ”small  Business“  is profound. As the Government scrabbles to find ways to deal with thIs pandemic, 

Atlanta City Juice Bar has been frantically seeking to also find ways in dealing with this health crisis, while navigating through these increasingly financial and operational challenges that we have been so drastically impacted by.

Atlanta City Juice Bar & Vegan Lounge most recently made it past its first year in business,..  Yay!!!,  but then was blindsided by this unforeseen crisis. As a result we’re now under immense pressure due to the COVID-19 crisis. Our daily business functions have been severely disrupted. We’ve had to lay-off the majority of our staff members as we watched our inventory of perishables perish. We owe a great deal of  gratitude  to our local residence,  Community, and  businesses.  We also want to say a  big “Thank You” to Emory Hospital For their continued patronage, and their biggest show of bravery as essential workers. As we are working hard to readjust to the ever changing lifestyle  due to the impact of the current crisis the business has dramatically downsized to online orders,  but are happy to announce we will  reopen mid May to expand our online options to order ahead,  curbside pickup and  delivery through  all  online  platforms., 

One of the greatest immediate financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak was on the workforce. Small Businesses like ours are therefore focusing on their primary responsibility.  Caring for their employees while rapidly managing the shift to new patterns of work.

At these uncertain times we must see through these changes in ways that will gain and maintain the trust of our community at large. That trust also  depends on  our  community demonstrating their care for  ACJB  as  we  so showed for you.  (You!!)  Is  our loyal customers that patronized our business daily, and just as important our new  customers  that  will  receive  the  great customer service and  care  that Atlanta City Juice Bar  has  demonstrated to all.  We  need Your support,  You are the  major hand in helping ACJB  maintain its growth,  and  as we continue to thrive  all  the way From the day we  decided  to  close our doors  to protect you (our customer) .Until  the  day  that  we fully  reopen

Atlanta City Juice Bar will reemerge with health & wellness opportunities that all can benefit and plug into.

We  ask  for  your continued  support.


Please Continue To Support Us By Purchasing Any Of Our Organic Juices, Teas, Tonics, InFused Water, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches,  And So Much More...

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Welcome Back!!

We’re Re-Opening Soon

We’re Proud To Announce That We Will Re-Open Our Doors In Just A Few More Days...

As We Re-adjust To The New Normal We Will Serve  You  With  All  Platforms  Of  Online  Ordering  Such  As  The  Ability  To  Order Right  Here  On  Our  Website!!  Pickup & Delivery

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The New Normal

As We Finally Begin To Breathe A Bit Easier Again Today,  And As We Walk Our Way Into The “New Normal” Way Of Living, Today Is A Good Day To Make A Great Change As To How We’re Putting The Prospective Spin On Our Health & Wellness. Let’s Stay Up With The Times,  And Keep In Step With The Speed Of Life That Drives Our Youthful Energy To Its Greatest Heights.

Health & Wellness Is The New   “In”.  Having An Intellectual Discussion On Organic Juices,  Herbal Shots,  And Even Infused Water Is The Topic Of A Perfect Conversation That Earns Your Way Into That Special Someone’s Heart!  Shining The Health & Wellness Light Of Concern Will Hold Your Intended Audience Captive....

                  ”We Are Back At It Bigger, And Better Than Before.. 

We Are Here Not Only To Serve You What You Want!.  But To Tell You Why You Need It!!!

Now That We’ve Received Our First Crash Course On What It Means For Our Bodies To Be Prepared To Battle A Health Crisis We Need To Focus On How To Eliminate Underlying Health Conditions. 

 “Atlanta City Juice Bar “  Is Your #1 Stop &  Shop For Great Health & Wellness Care..

After You Explore Our Website Filled  With  Useful  Health & Wellness  Advise, Take The Liberty To Place Your Order For Pickup, Or Setup An Account, Pay Online,  And Get Your Order Delivered Straight To Your

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Branding Our Way To The Top! We Are Atlanta’s First And #1 UpScale Organic Juice Bar & Vegan Lounge Located In The Heart Of Midtown...

Now You Can Get Excited!! FINALLY!!

Atlanta City Juice Bar & Vegan Lounge Has Been Voted Atlanta’s First And #1 Upscale Organic Juice Bar Located In The Heart Of Atlanta. Designed With A Vibrant, Stimulating and Welcoming Atmosphere In Mind Where We Pride Ourselves On Great Customer Services. We Offer A Wide Variety Of Invigorating Fresh Organic Juice, Smoothies, Teas, Tonics, Alkaline Water, Freshly Made Baby Food, Healthy Choice Foods, Salads, And Services... 

Specializing In All Things Healthy, For Life...


We Specialize In All Things Healthy! From Our Juices, Teas, Food, and Alkaline Water. To Our Tonics, Essential Oils, Vegan Supplements, and Our Very Own Cryotherapy Treament Chamber.



INTRODUCING.... The First of It's Kind..  Ever!!  

Specializing In All Things Healthy With Our Very Own Handmade 

Fresh Daily "Baby Food", and Juice Products  For Our Most Precious... Yes! You Heard It Right!!  

Now Come Check Us Out!!


Leading The Way To Health & Wellness Awareness


Juice: Is a beverage derived from extracting, or the pressing out of the natural liquids contained in fruits and vegetables.

Juicing daily provides the human body with the essential vitamins, iron and minerals needed to retain an optimal healthy life.

We Incorporate Herbs, Roots, Tonics, And Supplements Isn’t.  All That We Do


In herbal medicine, an herbal tonic is used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being. Tonics work to bring the mind, body and spirit into greater harmony.

We Serve Fresh, On A Daily Whole Loose Organic Teas


Tea is a aromatic beverage derived from camellia sinensis, a sub-tropical plant. After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. The herbal components are the key beneficial factors that makes tea such a saught after drink. Tea originated in South West China where it was used as a medicinal drink. Tea brings the mind and body into "One" state of being while combating the aging of cells.

What We Offer

Organic Juices Made To Order



Is a thick beverage made  from blended raw fruit, or vegetables with other ingredients such as, soy, rice, or almond milk, protein and other powdered supplements. It's especially beneficial in restoring the body after a workout.



Eating a diet with plenty of vegetables has been linked to improved health. Veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which have been shown to protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Salads, Soups, & Sandwiches


Vegetables in salads are a good sources of insoluble fiber, which keeps your digestive tract healthy. If you add nuts, seeds or beans to the salad, you'll get a boost of soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol and keeps blood sugar balanced. 

Servicing The Babies

Freshly Made Baby Food Made Daily Right Here Right Now...


We’ve Thought Creatively Like No Other Organic Juice Bar In Atlanta Before Us. We Proudly Introduce The Concept of Healthy Eating To Our Babies And Children Of All Ages By Personally Making Fresh!! "Handmade" Baby Purees, Fruit Juices..  and freshly Steamed Vegetables Right Here!! On Our Very Own Premises For Your Convenience... Daily!!!  

Only The Best For Our Most Precious Ones


When we Nurture our Children we relate to them through Emotions shown by Love, and Care. 

When we Cradle, and Kiss them they connect with the Emotion of Love.. 

When we feed them they connect with Emotion of Care..

Scientist have researched and stated that what we feed our children plays a major part in their emotional well being. 

Unfortunately the world we live in today, the food we eat, and the food we feed our baby's contains so much more harmful content then we can imagine.  Atlanta City Juice Bar cares about our society's wellbeing. That's why we strive to introduce our patrons to better eating habits so that you in turn will bring our future generation into a healthier way of life.



As our children begin to grow introducing them to real food derived from real fruit, and vegetables will provide their growing cells with all the essential vitamins, iron and minerals needed to obtain an optimal healthy life.

Helping Them Grow

Organic Baby Food No Preservatives




Atlanta City Juice Bar Inc.

Is mixing, and blending nothing other than fresh, wholesome organic fruits and vegetables to make selected foods and juices, right here!, right now!, for your assurance that your baby is receiving only the highest quality at your convenience...  Daily!!!

Specializing In All Things Healthy, For Life...




Good eating habits gives our body a “Glow” from the inside out! Our hair, our complexion, Strong teeth, great personality and a beautiful smile reflects our inner healthy structure. 

Health & Wellness




It is vitally necessary for us as parents to gradually incorporate vegetables into our children's eating habits by teaching them the importance of building a healthy body.  

“Beet Detox”


Beet Kvass

A Pro-Biotic That Is Fermented In-House For Nearly 2 Weeks,

Historically Use To Flush Out Heavy Metals & Toxins.

Now Known Also As A Remedy To Treat Hangovers, Digestive Issues, Chronic Fatigue, And Allergies



Beet Tonic

Beets Combined With Herbaceous Plants, Aromatic Roots And Herbs Such As Ginger, Ginseng, Mint And Parsley Makes For An Excellent Tonic To Be Used To Cleanse, Rejuvenate, Heal And Aid To Help Keep The Body Functioning Well.  


Liver Cleanser

Making A Beet Elixir Is A Great Way To Clean The Liver, In Which Help Strengthen The Liver To Better Perform Is Bodily functions

Antioxidant Powerhouse


Is Solely The Whole Green Tea Leaf Stonegrounded To Administer A Powerful Arsenal Of Vitamins, Minerasls, Amino Acids And  Particulately Antioxidants, In A Way No Other Green Tea Can.


  • One Of Its Powerful Antioxidants Is EGCg
  • Boosts Metabolism And Burns Calories
  • Provides Vitamin C, Zinc, Chromium And Magnesium
  • Lowers Blood Sugar And Cholesterol 
  • Detoxifies Effectively And Naturally


"ATLANTA CITY JUICE BAR" Is An Upscale Organic Juice Bar Blending And Mixing Juice With Tea, Tea With Tonics And Smoothies


Essential Oils, Vitamins, and Herbal Supplements

Essential Oils

Proteins, Antioxidants, and Immunities

Herbal Supplements

We Burn & Infuse 100% Essential Oils With Our Space

Essential Oils have been used around the world for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. The particles in the oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, barks, roots, resin and peels. Essential Oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils acts as natural medicine without any side affects.

Herbal Supplements

Proteins, Antioxidants, and Immunities

Herbal Supplements

Grounded Herbs & Leafs Make Up Our Supplements Here @ ACJB&VL

Herbal Supplements  sometimes called botanicals are plants that have been used for medicinal purposes and supplementing a diet for thousands of years. Ginkgo and flaxseed are two To name a few. Herbal supplements are strong enough to produce positive effects such as improving memory loss and lowering cholesterol. We use herbal supplement to maintain or inprove our health. Come in and get yours here today  

Proteins, Antioxidants, and Immunities

Proteins, Antioxidants, and Immunities

Proteins, Antioxidants, and Immunities

Vegan & Pescatarian Is Who We Are

Atlanta City Juice Bar is here to help educate and guide you towards a more healthier lifestyle that will in hopes lead you into longevity 

"Get Some" ... "Get Right"


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