About Us

Our Vision & Road To Health & Wellness is Crystal Clear

"Not Just A Trend" But "A Way Of Life”

Atlanta City Juice Bar Is Not Just A Trendy Juice Bar..

"It's An Upscale Organic Juice Bar,"  But Wait!! 

We Provide More Than Just Juice!!

We Provide A Healthier Way of Life..

It's A Place Where ”Everyone” Can Enjoy A Wide Varity Of Invigorating Drinks That Include Juices, Smoothies, Teas, Tonics, And Alkaline Water. 

As Well As Freshly Made Baby Food, Happy, Healthy Choice Foods, Salads, And Services... 

We’re Here For You! Come In Today..

Naturally Grown Organic Fruits & Vegetables Is What We’re Made Of

“Not Just A Way Of Life” But “A Nutritional Post”

Atlanta City Juice Bar Has Been Meticulouly Designed With A Vibrant, Stimulating, And Welcoming Atmosphere In Mind, Located In The Heart Of Midtown. 

It's A Place Where You Can Talk With A Nutritional Adviser About Your Healthy Choice Questions.

It's A Place Where You Can Recieve Juice Facts And Suggestions From Our Very Own  “Juice Doctor”

It's A Place To Come Challenge Our Experiened Chefs At Their Skills. 

It's A Place Where You Can Network With Clients At Our Conference Table As We Offer Charging Stations And Free WIFI.  

It's A Place Where Parents Can Come Sit And Socialize With Other Parents As They Feed Their babies Freshly Made Organic Baby Food And Devise A Plan To Keep Thier Family On A Healthier Course!

We Are Spiritually Guided & Connected

“Not Just A Nutritional Post “ But “ A Energy Field”

Atlanta City Juice Bar Is A Place Where You Come To Connect With Other People Seeking The Same Vibrational Life Tone That Has 

Brought You Here Today!   “Energy Is Real”

Atlanta City Juice Bar Is A Place Where You Come To Network, And Socialize With Other People That Believe In The Law Of Attraction, 

Such As Yourself.

When You Begin To Seek A Healthier Lifstyle You Become More Conscious Of Your Surroundings And The Things You Put Into You  Body. It becomes Easier To Communicate With Others That Share The Same Ideas About A Healthier LifeStyle As Yourself.

When You Set Your Vibrational Tone To That Which Pleases You, 

The Universe Must Reflect That Vibration Or Tone And Yield Back To You Something That Matches The Vibration You Are Putting Out.

At Atlanta City Juice Bar There's Soooo Much More Than Just Juice!!

Come In Today!  And Feel The Vibe...